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Hey Darlin, I’m Mick

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, spent two years in California, and now have roots in Washington State. Most times I would rather be home with my pets and plants, but I also love a big adventure. I was just recently married in October 2018 to the love of my life. My guilty pleasure about it all is that my last name went from 10 letters to 5.

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I’m a sucker for a good love story, 10000% believe in soulmates, want to hear about your dream date night, and I get emotional during every single wedding.

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Photography is not only my business, but also my therapy. This art is the medicine the doctor prescribed kinda thing. It’s important to me that my images show the magic and chemistry between connected souls, your true beauty and emotion, and the REAL and authentic moments.

No matter what kind of session I’m shooting, I’m there as your biggest support. I will always tell you how good you look, help you find a place to put those hands, and find your most flattering angle. I hope you don’t mind corny jokes, sound effects, and belly laughs. If you’re not laughing out loud, I’m not doing my dang job. I’ll reach down deep, get your true emotions, and make sure you’re feeling all of those feels.

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My Promise to You

Blood, sweat, and tears baby. From one bride to another, I. get. it. This is YOUR day to live your dreams, and show off your incredible planning skills to loved ones. My promise to you is to capture every detail from these precious moments. To not only take photos but to create images that hold the essence of your wedding. My big goal is to make sure all guests are seen in your gallery enjoying your hard work. I’ll catch the candid moments, as well as pose you for the fridge friendly shots. I promise to show up with a smile on my face, be your number one fan, act as your biggest supporter, be your hair fixer, lipstick checker, dress holder, and friend.