Frequently asked Questions

How do I receive my photos?

You receive your images once they are professionally edited via online gallery. This platform gives you the ability to download web size photos for social media and websites, and high resolution photos for printing. I highly highly highly recommend you download all available formats of the entire gallery and store them in a safe place right away! Best part, you have the ability to share your gallery link with friends and family so they can enjoy your memories as well!

I also include a USB with your high resolution images with rights to print.

When will I receive my images?

Please allow 8 - 10 weeks for wedding gallery delivery.

All other sessions take 2 - 3 weeks.

Can I have raw or unedited images?

Nope! Just no. I won’t budge on that.

How many outfits can I bring?

Depending on the collection and how much time we have to capture your images, you are able to bring 1 - 2 outfits. However, I do encourage props! Hats, mugs, cups, magic wands, confetti, bubbly, the sky’s the limit.

I always want my models to be comfortable. However, if you need some help with what to wear, I offer a helpful style guide!

What is your booking process?

If we have the perfect chemistry and you would like to lock me down for your special day, the only thing I need is a signed contract and a deposit.

I do offer payment plans. Please make a request in your inquiry if a plan is needed.

Can I bring friends or family to our session to watch?

I’m doing you a favor by saying no! This session is meant to capture your true emotion. When others are there to watch you, it tends to not be genuine. But don’t worry! You can share your session once it is done with whoever you please!

Your contract is pretty scary, am I signing my soul away?

This detailed contract is industry standard. These instances or situations have not happened to me (god forbid), but are there for the what if’s, maybes, and worst case scenarios. This document lets you know how I handle things, and how we tackle things together. AKA it benefits and protects both you and me. I have had other human beans sign their John Hancock, have a successful wedding or session, get their images and have no issues! In fact, most of the time they really love them. It’s easy to forgot all of the hardcore business stuff once we get together and have fun.

All in all, I try my best to be as transparent as possible, and handle all official documents in the same fashion. The last thing anyone needs when planning a wedding is a big surprise.

Why is wedding photography such an investment?

The best way to answer this is:

When you invest in me, I invest in you.

From the moment we touch base, I am consumed with making sure you feel like you are one in a million. I put all of my efforts into emails, calls, texts, facetimes, and meet ups. I have prepared for all of your questions and concerns to make sure you are feeling confident to be in my hands on your wedding day. THEN, after your wedding, I am spending weeks and weeks culling, creating, editing, safely storing, sending sneak peeks, creating a gallery, finally sending over a final images for you to enjoy.

On top of that, my gear is not found at a dollar store, and my software/systems are not downloaded for free from the internet. I also like to learn from other photographers and gain experience as well, and that’s basically like a private school education.

You get what you pay for my friend.